The Winds of Life

The Winds if Life

Yes, March is here. The month when many people immediately think "windy". Most of us have heard that over the years and experienced it as well. From a proverbial standpoint, when we think about the "Winds of Life", our thoughts lean toward difficult or turbulent times. I will admit, when the title of today's writing came to me, I did immediately think about the challenging or hard times as it relates to the "winds of life".  But just as quickly, I was reminded of another way to look at the winds we encounter in our life's journey –just not through the lenses of the harsh winds of trials, but of the soft or moderate winds that usher in hope, newness, freshness, and opportunities for positive change in our lives.

When reflecting on different terms associated with natural winds, I remember over the years, hearing about headwinds and tailwinds. Even without knowing the details of the meteorological context, I know in my heart that the winds we encounter have a purpose. Our job is to make inquiry of God to insure we receive the needed insights regarding the purpose of the various circumstantial winds allowed in our lives.

Hoping that you will join me in learning to not always to resist the wind, (like we really can anyway), but to always remember to seek God as our Anchor during the times of strong and the soft winds that we experience throughout our life's journey.

We can take valuable lessons from the tall and beautiful trees we see, that reverently "bend and bow" when the strong winds blow; but don't break.  --- KEEP THE FAITH!