Taking Flight

As I am thinking about our wings given to us in life, I of course immediately reflect on the many types of birds that we see who consistently “take flight”, as the way for them to get to their next destination -- their next provision. With birds, it is there nature to fly, and I doubt that they complain about doing it.

Our wings of life, though not feathered, are just as vital to our existence and victories in connection to our Creator’s marvelous plan for each our lives. Our wings can come through opportunities that come our way, that we take advantage of and attempt; with or without fear. Many times these doors of opportunities can be as simple as connecting us to our next door of provision; a new job, new levels of education, new ways to engage in our community for the greater good of others.

I have seen momma birds teach, nurture, and push their baby birds out of the nest, when they knew that they had even the fledgling ability and minimum innate skills to start flapping their wings, causing them to TAKE FLIGHT. Initially, I would imagine that the flights are short, and they quickly return to the nest for safety; but, as they realize that they “were born to do this”, they gain confidence as quickly learn to appreciate the value of their wings. We must do this as well. The more we in faith, and without fear TAKE FLIGHT to go through new doors of opportunities to accomplish personal dreams and goals, we too, will gain the confidence needed for us to fly, and soar into our destiny.

This will take a lot of practice . . . but life provides the nest for that each day of our lives. Remember our wings cannot be clipped unless we allow them to be by fear, doubt and procrastination.

Let’s make a decision today to TAKE FLIGHT and SOAR boldly and confidently into each of our life’s successes.