Lights for Literacy

Adult illiteracy is the best kept secret in town!  Often, those who lack adult literacy and basic education skills suffer in silence.  It could be a parent, spouse, friend or even you!  We know that the problem exists, despite the stigma associated with adult illiteracy.  What does it look like?  It could look like an adult who avoids driving because they can’t read some street signs.  It may look like a parent or a grandparent who is unable to read a bedtime story to a child or grandchild.  It may look like a job seeker unable to read the questions on an application (on paper or on the computer).  It may look like important notices ignored because an adult can’t read the letters received.  What does adult illiteracy look like?  It looks like someone feeling his way through a room in complete darkness.

Fill My Cup! was established to be a light for those who are trapped in the dark.  Our fight against adult illiteracy began in 2002 and you can help us continue the fight to help adults obtain vital basic education, literacy, and life skills.  We are asking individuals and corporations to consider joining that fight by joining us through our Lights For Literacy Campaign.  When you set up recurring monthly donations or make a one-time annual donation you partner with us, and allow us to enlarge our capacity to help others who need to learn to read, improve their reading and obtain critical pre-GED skills.  By doing so, you too become a Light for Literacy!

Commitment levels are outlined below: