Volunteer Opportunities

Basic Literacy Tutoring
By being a basic literacy tutor you can help an adult learn to read and obtain the required literacy skills to live independently in a world filled with print - complete a job application, use a checking account, follow road signs, and experience the joy of reading information for pleasure.

Pre-GED Study Tutoring
Your helping others by tutoring our students on the pre-GED track will help them gain the needed reading, math and critical thinking skills that are essential for a student to begin study at the GED level.

Administrative and Fundraising Support
Help our adult literacy services effort by providing office assistance, participating in fund raising or promotional activities with newsletters and other publications.

Special Skills
If you have other professional skills like public speaking, marketing, writing, or graphic design that might be useful to Fill My Cup! then let us know. We need help in many areas, and you could be the key to our solution.


Our Volunteer Tutor Training

A tutor training session consists of basic foundational adult literacy tutoring skills and lesson reviews that a tutor will need. The initial training is two-fold, comprised of self-paced online tutorials that are followed up with a new volunteer tutor workshop.

The online training can be found on the Proliteracy Education Network (EdNet) website provided to our community. Also, click on the following link for the online tutorial registration instructions with the recommended tutorial course list.

The new volunteer tutor workshop presents research-based reading components, instructional training for working with adult learners, tutoring techniques, and an insight into the new-reader perspective. Pre-GED curricula, as it relates to reading and math, are also discussed. Tips on working with adult learners are also incorporated in this educational opportunity. There is a nominal $20 donation requested to help cover the cost of the training materials and related administrative costs.

Please call our office (704) 605-4366 to register for our next workshop.


Maria LeLaurin - Volunteer

Helping a person learn how to read is a huge opportunity. Both challenging and rewarding, volunteering with Fill My Cup! has allowed me to change someone’s life for the better!

Gregg Rossier - Board Member

When I read about Sheila Laury and her mission to improve adult literacy I was struck with the love, determination, and passion she displays for such a wonderful cause.  Meeting her and the Team in person convinced me immediately that Fill My Cup! is an organization that I wanted to help and support.  Improving adult literacy is a way that we can positively impact lives and help families change their future outlook.

Terrence Owens - Board Member

Literacy is a passion of mine!  When I came across Fill My Cup! I felt an immediate connection.  Adult illiteracy is not something we often think about in society.  In fact, it's hard to fathom that there could be so many people out there who have low reading skills or even no reading skills.  I'm glad that there is a place like Fill My Cup! to help those who often feel ashamed, and suffer in silence.