A Salute to Our Adult Learners

Our adult learners are precious to me and those who have come along side us to support our adult literacy mission. Amongst the many lights that gleam from every participant and supporter of Fill My Cup!  I will say without hesitation, that the most brilliant light is that of our adult learner.

I still fondly remember over the years, when first meeting a new learner, how even the smallest glimmer of hope that they held on to, was so inspiring to me as we began to work on helping them learn to read. The light of hope that I saw radiate in a new adult learner's life on those occasions, always reminds me of how light will always dispel and overcome darkness in our lives.

I believe that the life tool of adult literacy, provides the kindling for the fire of victory that is set ablaze in our learners as they work toward their adult literacy goals.  As an adult learner’s light brightens as they become more confident in their reading and other life-skills, they set a blaze in motion for all who are in their path; every volunteer, tutor, instructor, staff and fellow students.

Even though Adult Illiteracy has been the best kept secret in town; our students or adult learners continue to bring the hope, dedication, courage and strength, needed to let their light destroy the darkness that adult illiteracy can bring to one’s life.

For this, I Salute Our Adult Learners!

“May Your Beacon Light Continually Inspire Us.”