An Ultimate Gift - The Gift of Reading

This Christmas and Holiday Season should especially prompt us to think of how we can give. This special time of year often allows many of us to immerse our thoughts in thinking of the various ways we can give to others; be it to family, friends, and even those we would consider strangers. Our giving can come in many forms to include our time, talent, finances, encouragement and other ways.

There are many great gifts that any of us can give to others, or have received; but there is one, I will say definitely ranks as an ultimate gift; and that is the precious Gift of Reading that we have been given and can give to others. This powerful life-changing gift is one that keeps on giving. You now have the opportunity to become the an ultimate giver.

I hope during this Holiday Season that you will consider giving in numerous ways, but specifically by giving the Gift of Reading to help another adult learn to read, and improve their reading.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!