What Motivates You to Serve?

Adult literacy is important to me because it is something that I have been given the ability to do, (the Gift of Reading), that I can share with someone else and they can hopefully do the same. It’s an opportunity to make a change in the lives of others today and for the generations of tomorrow.

Some years ago, when I heard that there was such a widespread problem . . . yes, like many of you, I really did not know, nor had it ever crossed my mind that especially in the United States of America, that there were people that had not learned to read or were not functionally literate. Once I became aware—I became responsible. My sense of responsibility to others made me think about what I could do to help someone who could not read.

My response came in the form of action, by immediately acquiring a laptop with a rolling bag on wheels and began teaching my first student to read. I was deeply touched by what I now know as a simple life truth in that the “Each One Reach One” approach can make a difference in all lives of other adults, as well as their families. The word spread, other’s needed help, I reached out for help . . . other resources and volunteers came; and here I am sharing with you today as a long standing grassroots non-profit organization —14 years later!

I continue to encourage loved ones who seek help for their family members who need to learn to read, improve their reading or obtain needed pre-GED skills, to continue to help your love ones fight the good fight of faith against the battle of illiteracy in their lives.

My being mindful that I was created with a divine purpose in mind, and that it is my responsibility on a daily basis, to learn what that means for my life; I always try to remember that every action and interaction is tied to God’s purpose for my life.

“May the abounding Love of God always be my motivation to serve.”