What's in a story?

As we who enjoy reading have read various books throughout our lifetime, we found out in each instance there was a story that was shared, which had a beginning, a middle and an end.  Even if the information we read was an excerpt from a book, or article, or a story we heard, it still touched on at least one of the three stages of any story (the beginning, the middle, or the end). 

As I recently reflected on this truth of life, that everybody has a story; it brought me full circle to my gratitude for the opportunity to help others at a given stage of their story. The wonderful opportunity to serve presents itself in our families, our friendships, our workplace, our church, and our community.

The reality that all of us have “a story” can be summed up from a societal connection point of view as: “My Story . . . Your Story . . . and His Story.”  Each person’s story, no matter how unique, has similarities to our or another person’s story. I will call it a connection point between people. I am learning that if we are mindful of connection points or facets of another person’s story that we identify with them, empathize with them, or simply have compassion for them. This can be the motivation we need to take action to serve! We can help by using our gifts and talents that we have been graced with from Above.

I am reminded of a frequent commercial that asks, “What’s in your wallet?”, but instead let’s ask ourselves today . . . What’s in your story? that can help and encourage someone else to move forward in victory in his or her story.